Thursday, June 19, 2008


I just ate a cherimoya. It was my very first one. I saw it at Central Market the other day and bought it on a impulse, the single fruit cost me almost $10. You know what, it was worth it, this thing is delicious! It has a really wonderful texture, custardy. It feels like an avocado, firm skin but soft flesh underneath. But, eating a bite, it's not quite as smooth (I don't think it has nearly the fat content). Almost like a banana, a really mushy one, but in this case it's a positive aspect, rather than the reverse. I guess it depends on your banana preferences though, I like mine firm with a little tinge of green around the extremities. But in addition to the texture, the cherimoya's taste is amazing.

It's really sweet, and tasted a bit like a cross between a banana and a pineapple. Cutting it open, through the green, skin there is stark-white juicy flesh underneath (I'm seriously not trying to make this sound like pr0n, sheesh) and really big black seeds. They are scattered throughout, like you would find in a watermelon I guess, but bigger. You just eat around them and spit them out if you miss one. I've saved some of it for the rest of the horde, I like to expose the kids especially to new fruits and flavors that they might not (or I might not) have every tried before. I'm sure this one will be a hit. Unfortunately, it only grows in Andean Peru, and is a little difficult to find and pricey when you can. If you have the means I highly recommend you pick one up.

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